WIOL #5 Individual Results

Marymoor Park
1 9, 2010

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WIOL Attendance Record!

The number of WIOL participants at Marymoor Park set a new record - 182. This breaks the record set on November 14th at Magnusson Park (174). The previous record was 165 at Seward Park on November 15th, 2008. After just 5 meets, we have had 814 starts this season, and most likely will exceed 1200 by the championship (and possibly even 1300); the previous record was 1118 for the 2007-08 season (last season had one meet cancelled and one rescheduled).

Course 5 (Varsity Girls) had one control "removed"

According to Doug Sprugel (a member of the WIOL results and data team): "...there was a problem with the placement of control #4 on course 5 that made this leg unfairly difficult for some route choices. To eliminate this inequity, leg 4 has been eliminated from the course for all runners, both Public and WIOL. So if you ran course 4 and it took you 9 minutes and 21 seconds to find control 4, your total time in the results will show up as 9:21 less than your actual run time. For people who did not find control 4 an adjustment has been made that gives similar results." For more information, please contact Jim Siscel.
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Elementary School Girls (1 km, 7 controls)

Pl. Pts Name School Time
1100Rosemary NorheimView Ridge Elem10:23
295Corinne CrawfordNW Montessori17:16

Elementary School Boys (1 km, 7 controls)

Pl. Pts Name School Time
1100Cameron CrawfordNW Montessori09:56
295Drew FeuchtSt. Luke11:21
392Omar BarnesThornton Creek Elem12:57

Middle School Girls (2.6 km, 10 controls)

Pl. Pts Name School Time
1100Jennifer PerryEAS21:54
295Naomi KlingeTyee MS24:52
392Claire PerryEAS26:05
490Jasmine WuEAS31:32
589Kate KlobaEAS31:55
688Elizabeth Sola-LlonchDenny MS33:36
787Lauren WilsonWoodinville Mont.35:42
886Katharina StaudtDenny MS41:38
985Gwynne BentonDenny MS44:21
1084Stephanie BodusBethel HS44:34
1183Deanta KellyWashington MS45:43
1282Madison ForsmannEAS49:53
1381Kaila LabanteSpanaway Lake HS52:44
1480Jamesha WilliamsSpanaway Lake HS1:18:32
1579Erin KoohnsSpanaway Lake HS1:30:02
1678Emma PattersonEAS1:33:45
1777Catherine SzaboEAS1:50:05

Middle School Boys (2.6 km, 10 controls)

Pl. Pts Name School Time
1100Nick BarclayBethel HS17:56
295Damien Thomas-CookSpanaway Lake HS18:25
392Tyler Phillipsunaffiliated18:42
490Ondrej CerninEvergreen JH20:11
589Tyler ChuWoodinville Mont.22:21
688Dustin GuthrieBethel HS22:29
787Lucas WulfEAS25:19
886Brian EllisWoodinville Mont.25:45
985Andy SeckingerWoodinville Mont.26:29
1084Erik NygaardWoodinville Mont.26:40
1183Brandon GrammerBethel HS27:05
1282Matt NianekeoMarysville-Pilchuck28:02
1381Bradley DavisShadow Lake Elem28:24
1480Nathan KlingeTyee MS29:01
1579David QuichochoSpanaway Lake HS29:03
1678Alec RobsonEAS29:48
1777Nikhil PailoorWoodinville Mont.29:56
1876Tommy McElroyEAS33:40
1975Haidyn BushnellBethel HS34:55
2074Aaron MonzonSpanaway Lake HS38:10
2173Steve RobertsEAS42:59
2272Nathien BuckSpanaway Lake HS43:08
2371Eli WilsonEAS43:13
2470Calvin DunnEAS46:11
2569Alex BuckinghamBethel HS46:59
2668Dustin RileyBethel HS48:05
2767Raul VelizSpanaway Lake HS50:26
2866Benjamin CabreraDenny MS58:24
2965Quang NguyenDenny MS58:39
3064Joshua NuceBethel HS1:03:03
.0Mitchell JensenEASMP
.0Philip ChinMarysville-PilchuckMP
.0Brendon GrahamBremertonMP
.0Filimon GebrekidanDenny MSMP

High School JV Girls (3.4 km, 11 controls)

Pl. Pts Name School Time
1100Bryn ScharenbergLakeside29:11
295April McCabeNorth Kitsap HS30:19
392Kendall RockNorth Kitsap HS30:44
490Lucy HillJuanita HS31:59
589Emily MooreLakeside34:43
688Abbey SwansonNorth Kitsap HS34:48
787Kathryn McHenryLakeside38:32
886Katee RichSpanaway Lake HS39:35
985Alexandra McMannisBurlington Ed. HS39:39
1084Percila DuchesneauSpanaway Lake HS39:56
1183Kate FoxLakeside40:13
1282Bethany SheplerBurlington Ed. HS41:40
1381Emily MolstadBethel HS45:08
1480Jashimara RodriguezBurlington Ed. HS50:03
1579Michaela HouglandThomas Jefferson50:59
1678Amber CatheyOak Harbor1:02:55
1777Whitney CombergerBethel HS1:05:39
1876Kayla SantosBurlington Ed. HS1:05:56
1975Fiona WebberThomas Jefferson1:06:06
2074Joann SilicioBethel HS1:06:54
2173Johanna LundeNorth Kitsap HS1:11:56
.0Erdylle MacapinlacOak HarborMP
.0Gabby CrawfordBethel HSMP
.0Kellie PetersonCurtisMP
.0Anter BainsMarinerMP
.0Joyce AbidesOak HarborDQ

High School JV Boys (3.4 km, 13 controls)

Pl. Pts Name School Time
1100Alexander CookNorth Kitsap HS24:46
295Alec GlassfordLakeside26:03
392Alex WadeLakeside26:27
490Mike KlingeNewport HS27:43
589Devon GroveEAS27:49
688David InglisLakeside28:57
787Gordon WalshLake Washington HS29:11
886Tyler MullinixSpanaway Lake HS29:43
985Charles BarnettSpanaway Lake HS30:00
1084Chirstopher NorrisOak Harbor31:08
1183Nathan OFarrellJuanita HS31:57
1282Cameron Devineunaffiliated33:22
1381Keegan WebberThomas Jefferson33:58
1480Robert BaskinEAS34:46
1579Colton EagleBurlington Ed. HS34:47
1678Dennis BetevCurtis36:05
1777Chris BrownThomas Jefferson36:31
1876Evan KraabelThomas Jefferson36:42
1975Justin AllmarasThomas Jefferson36:55
2074James PiperJuanita HS37:57
2173Renaldo AlundayBremerton41:17
2272Elam BorghiCurtis42:04
2371Isaac PullarBurlington Ed. HS42:45
2470Michael NorrisOak Harbor42:50
2569Luis OcegueraMariner43:02
2668Christian TracyEverett45:01
2767Kevin SchroederEverett46:07
2866Sean GoonanLiberty47:49
2965Evan TarbellSouth Kitsap HS48:23
3064Diego LebanteBethel HS49:17
3163Marshall LewisOak Harbor49:31
3262Erik NervikSouth Kitsap HS50:19
3361Nate SlearCurtis51:24
3460Nick TjhungCurtis53:13
3559Forrest BrownMarysville-Pilchuck53:57
3658Alex NeffBurlington Ed. HS54:43
3757Robert DumasBremerton55:10
3856Aaron GomsrudOak Harbor57:24
3955Ryan CookSpanaway Lake HS58:02
4054Brice BenzOak Harbor58:03
4153Michael DistonMarysville-Pilchuck59:04
4252Caleb SmithBremerton1:00:03
4351Charles PietzkeBethel HS1:01:17
4450Josh McVeyOak Harbor1:01:21
4549Thornton HarrisSpanaway Lake HS1:02:46
4648Justin Beatty-GowinOak Harbor1:35:49
.0Nicholas JensenEASMP
.0Timothy JohnsonJuanita HSMP
.0Sean HigginsOak HarborDQ
.0Jonathan BrooksBremertonDQ
.0Kyle MamarilBremertonDQ

High School Varsity Girls (4.4 km, 13 controls)

Pl. Pts Name School Time
1100Sarah RogersGig Harbor HS39:30
295Bonnie GilberyJuanita HS40:07
392Tracy WhelenGarfield HS42:24
490Hilary RatliffInglemoor43:09
589Danielle SpencerRedmond HS44:25
688Becky ForgraveLake Washington HS47:08
787Dana BresemanInglemoor47:25
886Anne WilkinsonHoly Names48:34
985Victoria AlbrightSpanaway Lake HS50:20
1084Kelly BauerNorthwest55:33
1183Jacquelyn BrownSouth Kitsap HS56:11
1282Jennifer TreadwayBurlington Ed. HS1:02:32
1381Sabrina HouglandThomas Jefferson1:34:02
.0Natalie LewInglemoorMP

High School Varsity Boys (4.6 km, 15 controls)

Pl. Pts Name School Time
1100Reid MayfieldThomas Jefferson28:10
295Jason AllmarasThomas Jefferson32:37
392Daniel CerninEast Lake HS34:56
490Kevin WillsThomas Jefferson35:38
589Daniel GonzalesThomas Jefferson39:51
688John MirandaOak Harbor41:58
787Peter HussThomas Jefferson42:03
886Andrew SpencerRedmond HS42:59
985Kyle MarshallCurtis45:01
1084Aaron Amortunaffiliated45:13
1183Ethan MoricalOak Harbor45:59
1282Mike WilskeSouth Kitsap HS46:36
1381Sean PriggeSpanaway Lake HS46:55
1480Nat MayerLakeside47:40
1579Anthony LauersdorfOak Harbor47:59
1678Mathew RogersKopachuck MS48:27
1777Randall LudwigCurtis49:47
1876Marshall SuttlesBurlington Ed. HS50:12
1975Austin RameyMarysville-Pilchuck50:28
2074Brian MastersonLakeside50:59
2173Thomas HoneycuttOak Harbor51:24
2272Ian DannerLiberty51:41
2371Nicholas CannadySouth Kitsap HS53:43
2470James KlaszkyOak Harbor55:31
2569Tyler PetersonOak Harbor56:16
2668Kaz FosterSpanaway Lake HS56:35
2767Cody MooreBurlington Ed. HS58:18
2866Jason AlbrightSpanaway Lake HS1:02:31
2965Francisco OcampoBurlington Ed. HS1:04:50
3064Phillip CloseCurtis1:08:17
3163Adam KirkbyBurlington Ed. HS1:13:18
3262Ian BishopCurtis1:19:35
.0John ZimmermanLibertyMP
.0Sergio OcegueraMarinerMP
.0Gerardo VillalobosMarinerMP

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